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Yeppoon Keg and Can Supplier

Growlers & Squealers

Bring your own clean ‘Growler’ or ‘Squealer’ for us to fill from any of our 8 beers on tap for $15/litre or we can supply a 1.25l (sterilized) re-cycled soda water bottle if you forget yours or don’t have a growler. Note: There is a $3 cleaning and sterilizing fee for dirty BYO bottles.

Re-fillable Kegs

Buy a 4, 8 or 19 litre keg, regulator, hose & tap from us to use as a re-fillable keg, like you do with your bbq gas bottle, or use your own.

4L Kegs
– $140 empty (+ gas bottle at $3each)
– $160 filled including 2 mini gas bottles
– $12/L for subsequent fills or BYO fills.

8L Kegs
– $180 empty (+ gas bottle at $3each)
– $220 filled including 3 mini gas bottles
– $12/L for subsequent fills or BYO fills.

19L Kegs
– $140 empty for new or 2nd hand from $70 empty
– $90 for a new regulator, tap and hose kit. (Supply own gas bottle – Norstate)
– $8/L for 1st fill of kegs purchased from us and,
– $10/L for subsequent fills or BYO fills.

– There is a $5 cleaning and sterilization fee for dirty kegs.
– You will need to supply your own gas bottle for 19/L kegs.
– The size, type & stockist will vary depending on keg size and your regulator fittings, but we’ll talk you through your options if you’ve never had a keg in your fridge before.

Want to set up your own beer fridge with taps?
Come and talk to us and we’ll walk you through the process (and costs) to convert a 2nd hand fridge or chest freezer to take 19L kegs.

Prices for the kegs systems and contents will vary so come in and talk to us about our size, inclusions and pricing options.

Custom Kegs

For that hard to find flavour or style you tried long ago or miss from home. Come in and talk to our brewer to see if we can match or clone it. The price will depend on many things including the ingredients, time to make & mature the brew and general trickiness. Available only in 19 litre kegs. (50 litre kegs coming soon.)

Party Kegs

These are priced per litre as per our Re-Fillable Keg’s. If you don’t have your own keg, you can hire a complete party system including keg(s), gas bottle, regulator, tap(s) and wheeled chilli bin for you to fill with ice for the event. Hire cost & the bond required will depend on what we supply, so again come in & chat to us about how we can help your next party rock.